Due to high exchange rate Ostrich Chick price increase by 10%'

After 5 years first time POC announces 20% increase in Ostrich chicks price due to very high exchange rate. the new prices will applicable after 15th feb 2014.New Price for One Month old chick is Pkr: 16,000, Two month old chick Pkr 20,000 and three month old chick Pkr 22,000 each.

Special offer for Overseas Pakistanis

Another step forward for the development of ostrich industry in Pakistan. SHIRKAT FARM (co-operative ostrich farming) is to fill the vacuum and will provide a platform for the small investors/farmers to enter this profitable business in a safe, secure and convenient way.

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An ostrich is a "ratite" - a flightless bird from the same family as the emu, cassowary, rhea, and kiwi. The mature ostrich stands six to nine feet tall and weighs in at between 90 and 160 kilogram. No longer has an odd sight in Pakistan ostrich become widely known for its low-fat, iron-packed red meat as well as its Omega rich, moisturizing oil, fine leather, soft fluffy feathers and exquisite large white eggs.

Today, dedicated producers tend birds 100 countries world over, with the majority in South Africa, Australia and the United States.

Through producer efforts, the ostrich industry is making headway as consumers become more familiar with ostrich products.
In the last few years, ostrich farming has progressed dramatically and the world ostrich industry has achieved some economic stability.

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